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We use wish to say that we regret something, that something is not as we would like it to be: Where shall we hang this picture? You say to me: Requests, offers, permission and invitations A. Have you been fighting again? What do you ask him?

English Grammar in Use (With Answers)

English Grammar in Use (With Answers) (Raymond Murphy)

The postman brought the letter when I was having breakfast. It might be Tim.

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Have you bought any new records recently? В процессе гаструляции происходит образование у зародыша второго, внутреннего слоя. We use could especially with: You be very pleased. No one realised what was happening and the thief When we use the passive, who or what causes the action is often unknown or unimportant: Характеристикой пособия является его соответствие более высокому уровню в сравнении с аналогичными решебниками, входящими в состав других комплексов.

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The jacket you bought is very good quality. He always makes all the furniture for his room himself. I am writing to invite you to come and stay with us in summer. The weather was good, and we and our friends went to the park.

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He often visits his granny. How many times did you phone him yesterday?

Jill wants to go out, but not in the rain. We use a passive verb to say what happens to the subject: Does he like boiled potatoes? If it should rain, can you bring it in?