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English plus 2 student book

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This is a good place fora some factories. Match the things in A with the actions in B. There are two adjectives that you do not need. Answer Key Workbook A1. Underline the information that connects them.

English Plus Workbook 2 1st edition, Ukraine

English Plus workbook 3.

English plus 2 student book

How many official languages are there in Spain? The door is between the clock and the The window is nm.

WORKBOOK ANSWERS English Plus 1, 3 and 4

Read information A-D in the City Simulation game and choose a or b. KEY muses 0 Greeting and introducing people 1 Howare things?

Enterprise Coursebook student's book 4-11 ,

How many DVDs have you got? Do the Your interests,your future Alms questionnaire on page 9. TheIn the Burj Khalifa area there are parks and a large lake. Use the key phrases in exercise 3.

English plus 1 student book

I hate reading comics. I How big is the animal? English ""5 Options i really like- positive5 Complete the table with the words in exercise 1. Correct yourThe poster is underthe clock. Then add the words to the mind map in exercise 1.

Which questions does Rob. We hope you enjoy using. New York is a very big place.

English Plus

Non-verbal language language point: Then read them to the class. As English teachers, we know how motivating it can be to bring the real world into. Position of adjectives4 Look at the words in blue in the model text. What is the capital city and the currency? Where are the people in situations ?