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All the shops are open today. Hardly had he asked, answered; 9. We had little work. The weather was good, and we and our friends went to the park. Do you realize, have known, is, have asked; 9.

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Чтобы закрепить знания, в учебнике предложено множество разнообразных заданий. Is the museum open today? Somebody has taken it.

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She had a good holiday in the South. Where were you an hour ago?

English Grammar. Reference & Practice. Version 2.0

Have you shown your pictire to your mother? I usually do my homework in the evening.

Yes, I have used it. He seldom travels now. Большинство упражнений выполнено в виде "рабочей тетради".

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She is having breakfast. Учебник по истории 5 класса читать онлайн.

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Yes, he has eaten it. How often do you write to your parents?